Hoya Photonics, Inc.™ Dental Lasers

In June 2012, Hoya Photonics, Inc. (HPI) sold its dental laser business to Photonic Service Group (PSG), a market leader in medical laser service. The sale marks the end of HPI’s presence in the dental industry. PSG, a service provider for HPI during the past 6 years, will continue to service all HPI dental lasers in the United States. PSG’s field engineers were factory-trained on HPI dental laser equipment and are dedicated to providing superior, timely service. PSG will also sell parts and accessories for HPI dental lasers to customers and dealers globally. For more information, visit www.photonicsservicegroup.com.

ConBio™ Aesthetic Lasers

The portfolio of HPI aesthetic lasers is now part of Cynosure, Inc., a leader in laser- and light-based treatments for minimally invasive and non-invasive aesthetic applications. In June 2011, Cynosure acquired the ConBio aesthetic laser business and continues to market and service the MedLite® C6 – the original tattoo removal and pigmented lesion workstation and the RevLite® SI – a premium tattoo removal, pigmented lesion & aesthetic workstation. Both Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers are well-regarded for their PhotoAcoustic technology featuring peak power and nanosecond pulses. For more information, visit www.cynosure.com.

As a result of these two sales, HPI no longer manufactures, sells or services lasers.